ALMs Temporary Shelter Program (TSP) offers short term emergency housing in Vinton, IA to families who have a form of income.

While participating in TSP, services may be available through various non-profit organizations, charities, churches and outreach centers. Referrals will be made for legal advice or basic health care.

Our desire is to give the guidance and support needed to overcome crisis. No matter what has caused the hardship, our ministry may be able to help those who are truly committed to changing their lives.

This program is financed solely through private donations and receives no government funding. 

Special recognition and appreciation for the Theisen's Community Foundation Grant. This grant was used in 2016 for 28 adults and their 28 children who were homeless or endanger of becoming homeless.

For more information call 319-640-5896 or  email: abundantlifevinton@gmail.com

Jesus said:  

... "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more ABUNDANTLY."  John10:10b