Victoria Fink, Author and Inspirational Speaker, reveals her personal story of growing up as an illegitimate child, lost in the abyss of poverty, addiction and sexual abuse. Her passion in ministry is sharing the message of love, acceptance and freedom found through having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

In her book, "Never A Child, Yet Always Cherished" Victoria recounts her story of humble beginnings. Born in a Salvation Army home for unwed mothers, she was sent as a newborn to live with her aunt, a mother of three and pregnant with a fourth child. At 33 months of age Victoria was abruptly removed from the stability of her aunt’s to go live with her newly married mother. 

By the time she was six years old her mother had already divorced and remarried again. A dark life of isolation began; her new step-father started sexually abusing her immediately. For twenty years Victoria lived with the shameful secret before her journey of healing would begin.

Currently Victoria resides in the Midwest with her husband of 54 years. They have two married sons and six grandchildren. Together the couple has been active in pastoral care for over 30 of those years. Their current ministry involves public speaking and prayer, and includes several outreach programs. Victoria's heart for hurting souls and her desire to help others has a remarkable impact on many lives.

To schedule Victoria for a speaking engagement call (319) 640-5896.

Jesus said:  

... "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more ABUNDANTLY."  John10:10b